Thoughts On “The Forgotten Garden”

A four year old Nell steps off a boat from England to Australia, all alone. She is unable to remember anything of her previous life except for a mysterious woman called the Authoress. Years later, Nell's middle age granddaughter Cassandra journeys to England to find out who her grandmother was, and the reason she was … Continue reading Thoughts On “The Forgotten Garden”


Thoughts On “The Girl You Left Behind”

The painting of Sophie Lefevre, along with Sophie herself, captivate the German Kommandant in charge of occupying a small French town during World World I. A century later, the painting finds itself hanging in the bedroom of Liv Halston, grieving for her late husband. When the legitimacy of her ownership of the painting is tested, … Continue reading Thoughts On “The Girl You Left Behind”

Thoughts On “Anne of Avonlea” and “Anne of the Island”

Anne starts a new chapter of her life as the young new school teacher of Avonlea. She wins over her pupils, makes new friends with kindred spirits, helps Marilla raise the two orphans she adopted, while continuing to have her own little adventures. Writing that two sentence summary was incredibly difficult. Do you know why, … Continue reading Thoughts On “Anne of Avonlea” and “Anne of the Island”