Thoughts On “A Monster Calls”

The yew tree does not walk for trivial matters. When he walks, he will make sure justice is served, and whoever needs saving will be saved. Connor may think he has no time to listen to the yew tree's stories, with his ill mother and the bullies never giving him a break. But he will … Continue reading Thoughts On “A Monster Calls”


Thoughts On “Watchmen”

I think I just realized why Watchmen has such a pull over me. Watchmen is a super-hero satire. We have all these so called superheroes, and many of them are just ordinary people. Danny (Nite Owl II), Laurie (Silk Spectre II), they are just so weak and ordinary, lacking superpowers or perfect morals. Laurie comes … Continue reading Thoughts On “Watchmen”

Thoughts On “Anne of Avonlea” and “Anne of the Island”

Anne starts a new chapter of her life as the young new school teacher of Avonlea. She wins over her pupils, makes new friends with kindred spirits, helps Marilla raise the two orphans she adopted, while continuing to have her own little adventures. Writing that two sentence summary was incredibly difficult. Do you know why, … Continue reading Thoughts On “Anne of Avonlea” and “Anne of the Island”

Thoughts On “The Secret History”

Richard Papen hates everything about his tacky life in suburban California, from his bland parents to the dull landscape. When he is given the chance to study Greek at Hampden College, among picturesque hiking trails and grand buildings, he does not hesitate for a second. Soon he finds himself among five very glamorous and wealthy … Continue reading Thoughts On “The Secret History”