Thoughts On “The Tale Of Despereaux”

Despereaux Tilling is an exceptionally tiny mouse who lives in a world where soup makes everything better and kind princesses literally glow and shine. It is also a dark world where there are broken hearts, cruel parents and a jailor who claims that “stories are light.” In this fairytale world, Despereaux must overcome his fears and go on a quest to save the beautiful princess who he has fallen in love with. Who does he rescue her from? The rat, Roscuro, who is misunderstood and angry at the world because he is banished to live in a dungeon filled with darkness.

The Tale of Despereaux used to be my favorite book when I was in elementary school. Rereading it was my very own quest and the outcome was something kind of unexpected – I learned more about myself. It turns out that I was so impressed by this book that it influenced the way I write and speak. There are all sorts of unusual words that I’ve adapted to my own vocabulary and didn’t even notice that they all came from this book -until recently, that is.

I remember that the reason I loved this book is that it talked to me. It told me about the cruelty of Despereaux’s parents and the meaning of the word “perfidy.” It told me about the characters and what was going on within their hearts which made them more real than anything. It also told me that stories were light. I think I still believe that.

This book contains what seem to be simple ideas at first – love, hate, bravery. As you read further, you begin to realize that every character has sides to them, both good and bad, and this adds complexity to the story.

However, the book was not as good as I remembered, but it is still a 5/5, it just did not quite meet my overly high expectations. Dear reader, I do not want you to misunderstand. If you have not read this book, you really should, especially if you are a big fan of children’s literature like me. This story is light and reading it makes you feel better, both because it is very well written and can even make you believe that a bowl of soup does make everything better.


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