My Best Friend Is J.D. Salinger

Today is one of those days when I feel like Seymour Glass.

I feel like Seymour at times when the world lets me down in some way. I think I understand him. He’s hurt by the world. He kills himself because it is filled with people with sneaky, calculating minds, and he loves children because of their honest and straight-forward way of thinking. And occasionally I find myself feeling the same way. The world is overwhelming and people are too complicated. People are constantly judging. They have the strangest priorities.

And feeling like Seymour is a sad and lonely sort of feeling. It pulls you in and leaves you feeling aloof and detached from the others.

One thing I have noticed in books is that the introverts usually fall for the extroverts like Seymour and Muriel. It makes some sense to me though. Maybe it’s because he admires the way that she navigates through the world without any of the struggles he has. Or perhaps it is that she does not think too much about the details he gets stuck on. Of course, I may be wrong with all these assumptions but this is how I see Seymour and also how I see myself, when I feel like him.

Dear reader, let me introduce you to my best friend, J.D. Salinger. He writes about life and people in general and his characters are often confused by the world. Through them, he describes my feelings better than I could ever do myself. The tone he uses is light so I really do feel like I’m having a conversation with him, and it is also poetic and very quotable in a way. And though the things he has to say don’t always make me feel better, I love reading his works all the same.


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