Thoughts On “Mort”

Meet Death’s new assistant Mort, a smart boy with a big heart. Death has Mort’s life all worked out- he’ll live comfortably in Death’s domain, wear nice clothes, eat fresh food, possibly marry Death’s daughter and eventually take over the job of ushering souls into the next world. Meanwhile, Death will get his vacation and travel around to taste human pleasures. However Mort realizes that he may not be able to pull it off, after his big heart gets in the way and he messes up big time.

This is my first Pratchett book and I love Discworld already. Though fantasy is not my favorite genre, when combined with Pratchett’s humor, it became very entertaining. What I love most in books are the characters and the characters in Mort, especially Death, were very likeable. I love Death’s manner of speech (THERE IS NO JUSTICE, JUST ME.) and the way he is very compassionate though his job doesn’t need that trait much. And seeing him in an apron, happily petting kittens was also a huge plus.

And here’s the thing about Pratchett: He can make a character as ominous as Death become people’s favorite character. He can also talk about sad topics in a humorous way. Here is an example, on Death’s loneliness:

“It wasn’t as though people buttonholed Death to tell him another story, or clapped him on the back and said things like “You’ve got time for a quick half in there, my old mate, no need to rush off home: or invited him to make up a skittles team and come out for a Klatchian take-away afterwards, or… It struck Mort with sudden, terrible poignancy that Death must be the loneliest creature in the universe. In the great party of Creation, he was always in the kitchen.”

Reader, I wrote this review to tell you about Mort and the genius known as Terry Pratchett. To be honest, I also had another intention, of proving to you that I am not sad all the time. I realized that some of my entries seem to point to that. Look. I read books with satire and humour. I even laugh out loud at them. And I am not lonely – definitely not as lonely as I write I am. In fact, I am this silly little kid who watches cartoons and believes people actually enjoy having her around.

I like talking to you as well though, dear Reader, if you’re there that is. You keep me company when I’m sad and lonely. We also need to share the nice moments though.

But anyway. I’m rambling. If you’re into fantasy, give Pratchett a try. And let me know if you feel like giving Death a hug too.


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