Thoughts On “Never Let Me Go”

“Never Let Me Go” is a book that cannot be summarized without being spoiled. And that’s the last thing I want to do to you, dearest reader. I hope that everyone will have the same experience as me while reading it – the feeling of dread filling you up as you slowly realize what a nightmare you’re in.

But I will tell you vaguely what it’s about… It’s a sci-fi novel about friendship and love and the precious value of time. This book is so heartbreakingly human. The main character Kath talks about her past in Hailsham, the boarding school where she spent her childhood, and you treasure every precious memory along with her. You feel both awed and slightly annoyed by Ruth and Tommy quickly becomes a very reliable and precious friend.

Though Kath’s tone is no different than an ordinary woman reminiscing about her favorite childhood memories, you cannot overthrow the feeling of dread that creeps in from the first page. You are constantly scared of what horrors the book is leading up to. And you learn to accept each revelation, as Kath has learned to accept them- understanding that this is what the world is like and the natural order of the world is simply something to be accepted. This is not entirely true though. As an outside observer, you cannot help but feel very sick at some parts – the feeling that something is deeply wrong doesn’t go away.

My favorite scene to picture in my head was Madame accidentally seeing Kath dancing to the song “Never Let Me Go.” (How could that scene not tug at anyone’s heartstrings… Baby, baby, never let me go…) And I loved how Madame cried for her, showing a pinch of humanity in a selfish and cruel society.

This book is meant to shake you up, make you think and tug at your senses of empathy. So if you are planning on reading this book, dearest reader, my advice is to not read any more reviews and go straight to page one. Do not even read the back cover. Just dive straight in.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts On “Never Let Me Go”

  1. I totally get what you say. Last year I read Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go. Though I enjoyed reading it, I must say it left behind a pensive sort of mood long after I had put the book away…

    • It’s the sort of book that sticks with you after you read it. I found myself thinking about the tragedy of it all for days. Even watching the trailer for the movie gives me the chills again. I guess the fact that it affects us so much shows how good it is?
      Thanks for dropping by :)

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