Thoughts on “Digger”

Imagine Alice in Wonderland but with wombats.

Digger is our Alice, who doesn’t fall down a hole but digs one into Wonderland. Being of a very rational and practical-minded species, there is nothing she wants more than to go back home. However, something bigger than Digger’s misplacement is at play and she must work together with the god Ganesh to find out what is going on in this strange land with its strange creatures.

This webcomic is something special. All the characters that are introduced have a huge effect on the storyline and will go through amazing character development throughout the comic. They are full of kindness and personality. Digger has her wit, her sarcasm, and her manner of being fed up with it all- but when it comes down to something important, she will always put in an effort to do the right thing. And that’s very admirable. You just sort of end up rooting for her and all the people she meets along the way. My favorites were Ed and Shadow. They were both a little vulnerable toward the world but wise, and sometimes the things they said made me tear up a little.

The drawings were beautiful (and adorable, when needed). Let that one speak for itself:
Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 21.05.55.png

And Digger is more than a story of magic and gods. It subtly talks about goodness, self-sacrifice, dedication to a good cause and a ton of things that matter to us. Maybe how Digger shows these things without getting preachy and flinging them at us is what makes it so special.

It’s always a good feeling to read something so good. Sometimes, you slug through tens of books, then you stumble upon something like Digger and your faith in storytelling is restored again. I’ve been desperately searching for something as good since, but the webcomics I found so far weren’t really on this level.

I must have stumbled upon a rarity.


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