Thoughts On “Big Stone Gap”

Ave Maria is a thirty year old small-town pharmacist who is very devoted to her loving mother and her pharmacy. After her mother dies, she doesn’t really understand what to do with herself. When she unearths a big secret about her family she embarks on a small adventure of her own and tries to find some romance along the way (or actually, it tries to find her).

The first book (and the only other book) I read by Adriana Trigiani was “The Queen of the Big Time” and I was in 7th grade at the time. It became one of my favorites. The young girl who loves to read and is pretty good in school falls for the handsome intellectual man… and she becomes a pretty cool lady as the story goes on. Then there was Franco Zollerano, the romantic mechanic who didn’t brag about it but was pretty intellectual himself. Nella’s whole family had so much going on with their lives- births and deaths and marriages were all woven together… no wonder I loved that book so much.  And it sort of gives me an idea what’s missing in “Big Stone Gap”. Characters with character.

I really did like Jack Mac. He was gallant and kind of cool with his heroic mining feats. Ave Maria wasn’t so bad either. But they just didn’t really live up to the people of “Queen of the Big Time.” As for the plot, though there were some moving parts, the events seemed kind of trivial. But still, even though it started dull in the beginning, it was still funny and wrapped up nicely in the end. And the sexy book-mobile driver Iva Lou is amazing (a character with character).

This entry sort of reads like a “Queen of the Big Time” vs. “Big Stone Gap” rumble. It just sort of ended up being that way. In the end, I ended up writing a review for a book that wasn’t bad on its own, but when compared to the other books by the same author, is sort of disappointing. I’m not too sure about reading the rest of the series. I found out how it’s kind of sad and I don’t want books where Jack Mac is sad. Maybe I should re-read “Queen of the Big Time” instead?


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