Be Careful What You Wish For

Today I took a stress test
And even in this modern world
Filled with stressed out people
It said I was even more stressed
Even more stressed than the rest

It really makes you wonder
Us people who’ve had the “fortune”
The chance to taste success
Are we really fortunate?

And really, what a mess
We find ourselves stuck in
This vicious cycle of stress
Most of us don’t even know
What to do with all the success

We hope it will bring happiness
Along with the compliments, of course
Once we get somewhere
We will all just relax
And be happy with our nice cars
Our proud parents, our jealous relatives
This is how we fool ourselves

And how lucky you are
If you cannot relate to this
Look around you and pity
Pity the people with success
With their exhausted frames
Sleeping on busses missing their stops
And with their guilty eyes
When they are thinking of a simpler life
A life without the stress
But they are addicts of success

But please, I digress
Let me get back to work


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