Thoughts On “Anne of Green Gables”

Marilla sends Matthew to town to bring an orphan boy to help out on the farm, but he returns with Anne Shirley instead. Anne is eleven years old and clearly not a boy. With her captivating speech and unbridled imagination, she soon becomes a part of Green Gables and slips into the hearts of the … Continue reading Thoughts On “Anne of Green Gables”


Thoughts On “The Secret History”

Richard Papen hates everything about his tacky life in suburban California, from his bland parents to the dull landscape. When he is given the chance to study Greek at Hampden College, among picturesque hiking trails and grand buildings, he does not hesitate for a second. Soon he finds himself among five very glamorous and wealthy … Continue reading Thoughts On “The Secret History”

Thoughts On “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” and Automatons

"The Invention of Hugo Cabret" is the story of a boy with a talent for fixing machines, an old toy vendor, a girl who always carries around books, a mysterious machine called an automaton, and an all around love for cinema. This is a strange book, most of it consists of beautiful drawings made by … Continue reading Thoughts On “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” and Automatons

Thoughts On “Skulduggery Pleasant”

After her uncle Gordon dies, Stephanie meets his detective friend - who also happens to be a wise-cracking, gun-wielding, fireball-throwing skeleton. She is introduced to a hidden world within Dublin full of magic and, of course, evil mages who are desperately searching for a mythical scepter - at all costs. I really liked these books … Continue reading Thoughts On “Skulduggery Pleasant”